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          Boating tutorials compliments of United States Power Squadrons "Compass", a website devoted to safe boating.  The videos are a collection, entitled "USPS Digital Media Library," available on YouTube.  See them here.

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VIDEO: From a great resource on boating in the Pacific Northwest, Slowboat.com, here are the nuts and bolts on clearing Canadian customs.
﷯USPS DISTRICT 16 District 16 is one of 33 that make up the United States Power Squadrons. And FHPS is a unit of the district. If you've never become acquainted, do it soon: http:/www.uspsd16sg.org
﷯ANOTHER ADVANTAGE OF MEMBERSHIP? DISCOUNTS! In Cdr. Ann's "From the Helm" article above, she mentions the Waggoner Cruising Guide. Well, thanks to District 16, FHPS members can get a 15% discount on this fine publication. Maps, too. Read the flyer: Waggoner Guide Discount
 ﷯ WANT A REAL KICK? See a video from United States Power Squadron's Compass, a website devoted to safe boating. The video is part of a collection, entitled "USPS Digital Media Library," also available for view on YouTube.
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